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Bjork Faces Child Custody Lawsuit

Eclectic singer Bjork is about to find herself facing a family court judge as her ex-husband is suing her over child custody rights.


Matthew Barney, a multimedia artist from New York, is claiming that Bjork is selfishly taking up all the time of raising their daughter, 12-year old Isadora.  He believes that Bjork’s insistence of spending more time with their daughter is actually against Isadora’s wishes.


In his filing, Barney claims that Bjork is “sacrificing [Isadora’s] well-being in favor of her own selfish desires.”  He accuses Bjork of being selfish, and that her mindset of having greater child custody rights as the mother is what is causing the issue in the first place.


Barney continues in his filing by stating that, although Isadora spends the fall semester at a school in Iceland and the spring semester at a school in New York, she has plainly stated that she wants to spend more time in New York.  Barney fleshes out his argument by stating that Isadora is an intelligent and articulate 12-year old who stated these wishes of her own volition.


Bjork and Barney had been married for 13 years when they split in 2013, and the divorce was definitely heated.


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