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Brad & Angelina Divorce Rumors False?

brangelina-divorce-rumorsAh, Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. We know them, we love them, and they are actors. More than that — they’re a supercouple! And one of the media’s favorite things to do with a super couple is spread rumors of split-ups. We know this and accept it, but the constant “alleged marital troubles” between celebrity couples that constantly crop up in our headlines make it difficult to separate the true from the false.

Recently, rumors have circulated that, for Branjelina, this is it: the divorce is finally coming. Angelina Jolie presented a fantastic opportunity for gossip when she made a comment about her marriage to Brad being as rocky as any other relationship. And now people are talking about the two divorcing as the result of Angelina’s supposed struggle with weight loss. Other sources say the idea is preposterous. It’s gossip vs. gossip here, and fans of Brangelina will have to decide for themselves whether or not there’s any meat behind the potential celebrity split.

Angelina Anorexic?

Many circulators of the divorce rumor base their speculation off the supposed weight issues that Angelina has been having, and the situation’s effect on Brad. These rumors claim that the couple has been fighting about her “eating disorder.” They also claim that Angelina Jolie weighs a shocking 83 pounds.

Then, on the other side, there’s the retort to these allegations: “bullshit!” According to Gossip Cop’s sources, the idea that a divorce is coming is not only absurd but unfair:

“This is all very dramatic and, more importantly, inaccurate. The magazine has a shameful history of making up claims about the couple, and using Jolie’s health and body to do so is the true ‘all-time low.’ A source close to the stars exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report is ‘totally untrue,’ not to mention despicable.”

We’ll just have to see, I suppose, but as of now it looks like there’s no reason to worry. Brangelina is actually working together toward the upcoming release of a collaborative film in which they take on roles as a couple in the 1970’s — NOT autobiographical, they assure us.

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

If Brangelina was truly getting divorced and the litigation went down in Tennessee, we might speculate whether an eating disorder would qualify as legitimate grounds.

The answer is a solid “maybe.” While many of the grounds for divorce mentioned in Tennessee legislation refer to specific situations in which split-ups are called for (such as adultery, abuse, and abandonment), there is no particular reason related to eating disorders. But, there IS a clause that allows for divorce due to “irreconcilable difference.”

If Angelina did have an eating disorder, and it really was tearing Brad apart inside, then this is likely the legal route that he would take in pursuing the dissolution of Brangelina. Needless to say: it would be tragic.

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