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Trailer Park Boys Star Arrested for Domestic Battery

Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys poses for a mugshot with a kitty on his headTrailer Park Boys, the Canadian cult-comedy tv series, is not based on real events. The show frames itself as a documentary, but like The Office, it’s more “moc” than “doc.” If you’ve never seen it, I’ll be honest, you should watch a few episodes before trying to care about this story. Context is everything.

If you have heard of Trailer Park Boys, however, this might blow your mind a little bit: Bubbles just got arrested for domestic battery. Bubbles. And I’m not talking about the plot of the show’s newest season, I’m talking about Mike Smith, the actor who plays Bubbles. Allegedly, he friggin choked somebody! Let’s say it together guys — “Noooooooooo.”

Not The Bubbles We Know

Trailer Park Boys follows the antics of three best friends (Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles) living in a Nova Scotian trailer park as they plot petty schemes in order to make ends meet and fund their carefree lifestyles. Bubbles is unquestionably the fan favorite, and has become a kind of pseudo-mascot for Trailer Park Boys, probably due to the character’s love for kitties and quirky innocence. He often functions as the trio’s moral compass, which is why, in the words of Ricky, it’s so fucked that this happened.

We don’t have much information at this point, but a vague synopsis of the incident goes something like this: in the early hours of April Fools Day at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, Mike Smith and a female friend (described by some reports as his “girlfriend”) were arguing in a bathroom — supposedly the one in their hotel room.

According to hotel guests, it sounded like the topic of their argument was a text message that Mike Smith sent. Of course, that’s just the consensus of strangers in a nearby room, but the situation quickly escalated to a point where topics are irrelevant. Indeed, it wasn’t long before Mike Smith’s argument with his lady friend started sounding troublesome — witnesses rushed into the bathroom after hearing the woman yelling that Smith was choking her.

When they got to the bathroom, they claimed to see Mike Smith pinning his female friend to the wall. And here’s where the reports started getting vague, because all I could figure was that somehow the argument ended and the woman left the bathroom with no pants and a ripped up shirt, while Mike Smith left the room altogether in an alleged “frenzy.” So… I’m thinking that the strangers busting in the room probably ended the scuffle with their presence and not by physically intervening. I think that’s what what we’re to understand.

Either way, when Smith came back to the room later, the cops were inside interviewing his female friend. Then he got arrested.

Trailer Park… Battery

Right now, Mike Smith is looking at a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. He didn’t stay in jail for very long… just a few hours, until he was released on a $20,000 bail. Which is a whole lot less than his character on Trailer Park Boys usually spends in jail when he gets arrested. Of course, Bubbles gets in trouble because he gets dragged into it, and it’s never violent. Mike Smith should probably start trying to channel some of that Inner Bubbles from here on out. There’s a certain amount of responsibility that comes with being a role model — and people look up to Bubs!

On separate note entirely, it must nice to not have to worry about stuff like paying $20,000 bails when you get arrested. This same situation would’ve probably played out a lot differently if Mike Smith wasn’t a pop culture icon. We can’t all expect the same priority treatment that celebrities often get, which is why it can be so tricky for ordinary people to efficiently pursue successful cases. Without a Hollywood legal team presumptively at your defense, the burden of your legal situation falls squarely on you.

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