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Category Archives: Criminal Law

Carolina Clowns Creeping in Local Woods

The concept of clowns as “fun, cool people who are great around kids” hasn’t been widely accepted since Stephen King poisoned the waters with It. Clowns used to be fun. They were the manically depressed, drunk bastards of the circus — comic relief via good old self-deprecation (a comedic route still very much explored today, although […]

Safety Vigilantes Caught On Camera Destroying Oregon Boulder

If you were getting a load of the most photogenic rock in Oregon’s Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, “the duckbill”, back when it was still standing, you might have remarked that it looks capable of collapsing at any given moment. That would’ve been a fair assessment. I never assessed it and maybe you’re in that […]

Fostering Hate and Distrust: A How-To For Police Officers

Considering the hype surrounding nasty, corrupt law enforcement these days, it seems in vogue to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the 2011 scandal involving a New York police officer who framed innocent people for drug offenses. Yes, Detective Jason Arbeeny got in trouble in 2011 for planting crack on a couple of […]

2013 Forgery Case Back in the Spotlight

During the 2013-2014 school year in Texas’s Fort Bend Independent School District, there were eight investigations of counterfeit money conducted by the police department. Perhaps the most notable occurred at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, where 13-year-old Danesiah Neal paid for her chicken tenders with a two-dollar her grandmother gave her. Instead of getting lunch, however, […]

Debtors’ prisons are all the rage in Sherwood, Arkansas

Debtors’ prisons shouldn’t exist. As a society, we are at a point where they should be unacceptable. This, of course, is far from the only corruption-related problem plaguing Americans — particularly poor Americans — nationwide, but in Sherwood, Arkansas, debtors’ prisons are perhaps one of the more pressing issues. Take for example the case of […]

Todd Marinovich caught naked with pot in a stranger’s yard

Todd Marinovich, 47-year-old former quarterback at the University of Southern California, found himself in handcuffs Friday after police officers in Irvine found him in a stranger’s backyard, naked with a bag of pot. He’d been spotted around 9 p.m. by a local resident while wandering through the Venta Spur trail, a path for bikers and […]

Wisconsin Parents Required to Pay Fines for Their Bullying Child

Bullying is a timeless problem. While efforts towards prevention have seen much more support in recent years, there is no universal solution to the issue. The Wisconsin community of Shawano, however, is taking a unique approach: punish the kids AND the parents. A coordinated effort between the Shawano police department, concerned parents, and local school […]

Major Cities Grossed Out by Giant Statues of a Naked Donald Trump

A team of street artists who call themselves Indecline have made a fairly aggressive commentary on this year’s presidential campaign — specifically presidential candidate Donald Trump. So far, five statues of Trump have been spotted in New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and San Francisco. The statues aren’t beautiful. It’s not that kind of […]

Florida Man Murders Married Couple, Bites Off Man’s Face

A grisly murder in Martin County, Florida has the police searching for clues. Officers responded to a call last night from the victims’ neighbor, who was critically injured while trying to stop a fight between his married neighbors and a young man. By the time the first officer arrived on the scene, the wife was […]

Nashville Considering Decriminalization

The DEA officially shut down measures to unschedule marijuana, making last week disappointing for pro-marijuana Americans nationwide. Even so, the fight for legalization rages on in both federal and local levels of government. Government officials in Nashville, for example, are currently taking legal action in an attempt to reduce penalties for marijuana-related crimes. If successful, […]