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Casey Kassim Conservatorship

Where is Casey Kasem?Conservatorship: Where is Casey Kasem?

Casey Kasem, well known American Top 40 radio and television personality, now has a temporary conservator.  A California judge issued a temporary conservatorship order appointing Casey Kasem’s daughter as the temporary conservator of her father until June 20th, when the Court will consider making the temporary conservatorship permanent.  Having found that the radio and television personality is no longer cable of taking care of himself, the question now is, where is Casey Kasem!?!

Casey’s daughters believe that his wife has removed him from the country or placed him on an Indian reservation in anticipation of the Court granting a temporary conservatorship.  The judge ordered for Casey Kasem’s attorney to disclose the whereabouts of the famous personality, but the wife’s attorney said he did not know where he was.  Now, Adult Protective Services and the police have been ordered by the judge to locate Casey Kasem.

The temporary conservatorship was granted because the judge had grave concerns for the health, safety, and welfare of Casey Kasem.  Medically, Casey Kasem is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and possibly early onset Parkinson’s dementia. Proof in support of the conservatorship petition included that Casey Kasem’s wife isolated the star from his daughters, friends and family, and that they were only allowed to sporadically see their fathers in the presence of armed guards.  Additionally, despite having a health care power of attorney, one of his daughters was unable to check on the medical care of their father.

A conservatorship is legal court process filed in the Probate Court to protect a disabled or incapacitated adult and/or their property.  The court issues an Order of Conservatorship wherein another responsible adult is given decision-making responsibilities over the person and their property.  In Tennessee, the legal process to have a conservator appointed is straight-forward:

  1. A Petition for Conservatorship is filed in the Probate Court, alleging that a person is incapacitated, disabled, or unable to attend to their personal and financial affairs
  2. A physician’s report is filed with the Court providing medical proof that a conservator is needed for the safety and welfare of the disabled individual
  3. A Guardian ad litem files an independent report with a recommendation either approving or denying the conservatorship, and recommending who should serve as the conservator
  4. A hearing is held wherein evidence is submitted showing that the alleged disabled individual is in need of the protection of the Court, and the Court will enter an Order Appointing Conservator setting forth the List of Enumerated Powers of Conservator
  5. A property management plan is presented, including an inventory of assets and listing of all debts, and proposing to the Court how the assets and debts of the disabled person will be handled

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