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Category Archives: Child Custody

Marriage Equality Brought to Forefront by Knoxville Judge

It’s been a year since same-sex marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court of the United States in its landmark ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges. As the nation celebrated our first official anniversary of marriage equality, one Tennessee judge decided to take on the role of Grinch: Knox County Fourth Circuit Judge Gregory S. McMillan, […]

Years After Split, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger Finally “Cool”

Back in 2002, celebrities Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger went through a painful and life-changing divorce. The process consisted of tense litigation for over a year, which isn’t very surprising since famous people usually have a lot of money to fight over. However, money wasn’t the only thing at stake when Baldwin and Basinger separated […]

Madonna’s Custody Battle: (Almost) Home For Christmas

Madonna Battles With Guy Ritchie To Keep Custody Of Son, Rocco There’s just one problem: Rocco doesn’t want to live with his mom in the Big Apple. The 15-year-old been staying in London with his film director dad and has apparently decided that he doesn’t want to leave. In the words of Eric Buckley, Rocco’s lawyer, […]