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Category Archives: Constitutional Law

Colorado Springs Decides to End Corrupt Debtor’s Prisons

When people are put in jail because they don’t have enough money to pay a fine, that practice is referred to as “debtor’s prisons.” Citizens living in poverty — particularly the homeless — are by far and large the victims of such enforcement. Even petty crimes like shoplifting or jaywalking can potentially result in jail […]

Voter Suppression In Arizona’s Presidential Primary

Tuesday’s presidential primaries saw votes cast in the first of many western states for both the Democratic and Republican parties. After weeks of primaries mostly taking place in the deep south, Americans and the rest of the world watched eagerly as voters cast their ballots in Arizona (primary) and Utah (caucus). Additionally, Democrats caucused in […]

Michael Newdow Wants “Under God” Removed From Dollar

Persistent Atheist Says G-d’s Got To Go From The Currency Michael Newdow still doesn’t want God mentioned on U.S. currency. In his latest lawsuit he even avoids properly spelling the word throughout most of the written complaint. Even his fellow atheists think Michael Newdow has a better chance of winning at Powerball than succeeding in […]