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Child-Custody Battle Prevents Grammy-Winner From Delivering UN Talk

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Two-time Grammy award winning rapper Pras was scheduled to lead a talk in the UN addressing issues like poverty in Haiti and renewable energy, but had to cancel his plans when Angela Severiano, the mother of his child, decided to bring their longstanding child support case back to court in hopes of gaining a higher monthly payment.

Severiano, Pras’s baby-momma from a brief fling back in 2010, wants the $3,100 a month payments to nearly triple in their amount to $9,000 a month.  Severiano believes that the current amount is making life too difficult to raise their three-year-old son, Landon, on a yearly income of nearly $72,000.

The issue of the child support isn’t the biggest bother to Pras, who had already submitted an $83,000 check back in March 2013 to the NYC Child Support Processing Center to retroactively cover child support since Landon was born.  Pras has even been regularly paying the monthly child support amount since that time.

The worst issue of the case for Pras is the political smudge of being seen as a deadbeat dad.  Pras’s efforts in fighting the intense poverty in Haiti and his support in the push for renewable energy require him to meet with important government officials in order to be effective.

That effort becomes extremely difficult, however, when government officials don’t want their reputations smudged by meeting with a man who has child support issues.

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