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Kendra Wilkinson Meets with Divorce Lawyers, Marriage Looks to be Coming to an End

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Kendra Wilkinson recently met with divorce lawyers after her husband of five years, Hank Baskett, allegedly cheated on her with transgender model Ava Sabrina London, stirring strong rumors that their marriage may be soon coming to an end.

Kendra and Hank are the stars of the hit reality show Kendra on Top, where they showcase their lives and their children, Hank Jr., age 4, and newborn Alijah. However, since rumors of Hank’s alleged cheating became public a few months back, the future of the show is starting to look rocky as Kendra is looking into divorce and weighing her options.

Hank, apparently, wants to try again, hoping to pull things together and fix his mistakes. Reports state how he calls her and texts her, constantly asking for forgiveness.

Kendra, however, is focusing on what’s best for the children. She doesn’t want to deprive her children of having a father in their lives, but at the same time, she doesn’t want them to have a father who cheats.

The rumors of cheating first arose while Kendra was 8-months pregnant with Alijah. Hank, reports Ava, the transgender model with whom he allegedly had an affair, first contacted her through a YouTube video she had posted online, through which they exchanged information.

Although there is still no official confirmation of divorce, rumors are strong that Kendra has had enough, and the two will soon be separated.

If you are considering divorce, call us to review your options and see what path will be your best route. Although not all marriage situations need to end in divorce, there are many times when you need to break away from a harmful situation.

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