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Chris Brown Accused of Assault… Again

chris brown freaks out over a crazy red scratchy designIt’s been seven years since Chris Brown’s first victim, then girlfriend Rihanna, exposed him as a violent person. Now the fist-flinging rap star is at it again, apparently — alienating yet another loved one: this time, longtime manager Mike G. Like so many other people who have encountered Chris Brown, Mike claims the rapper assaulted him.

As the body count rises higher and higher, it’s increasingly difficult feel surprised about Chris Brown assault stories. This is not a very good thing for Chris. “Uncomfortably Violent” is probably not the image he and his publicists are trying to cultivate. And yet, here we are. Another day, another lawsuit against Chris Brown for hospitalizing someone who cares about him.

Uncomfortably Violent

Mike G, informally known as Mike Guirguis, used to be one of the people rescuing Brown’s image. Mike came on board as the rapper’s personal manager in 2012, three years after the Rihanna incident that devastated Brown’s reputation. According to Mike, Chris Brown should be thanking him — he claims that Brown’s public image is even as good as it is thanks to his efforts. Much of the credit for damage control after the Rihanna Fiasco, according to Mike G, goes to Mike G. And yes, Chris, he is including your money and drug problems in this assessment.

If Mike G is to be believed, then it’s indeed upsetting that Chris Brown attacked him for no reason last month before heading off to Europe to play rap shows. Mike G’s lawsuit also claimed the assault was “drug-fueled.” Based on the description of the incident, this certainly seems likely. Mike G recalled Chris Brown shutting him in a room. Then he recalled receiving four punches to the neck and face. Mike survived the attack, but still required medical attention for severe headaches, bruises, and swelling.

“The assault was unprovoked and, regrettably, just another attack in Brown’s long history of violent and abusive behavior,” the lawsuit alleged. If Mike G and his legal team are successful, Chris Brown will be charged with a medley of crimes, including intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault, and many others. They further allege that the rapper bragged to others about attacking his manager — even going so far as threatening employees with the same fate during his subsequent Europe tour.

Angrygrams From Chris

To top it all off, Brown’s Instagram hasn’t been especially flattering throughout all this. Last month, just a few hours after he allegedly assaulted Mike G, he posted an Instagram video of himself laughing. The video’s caption read, “them days when you looking for some fucks to give.” And when Mike G’s legal team filed their lawsuit this Thursday, he posted another Instagram video in which he gave an apparent response:

“OK, you knew it was coming… niggas is getting mad and filing lawsuits because I fired them because they’re stealing money! You’re stealing money, pal. So, you’re mad because you’re no longer existent. It’s all right. I’m going to keep pushing.”

Not a terribly convincing defense. While the case is far from closed, Chris Brown’s track record does not make him look… good. Aside from beating up Rihanna, Brown also beat up a guy outside a D.C. club in 2013 and led his entourage into battle against Drake’s entourage in a Manhattan nightclub in 2012. The Drake fight involved throwing beer bottles.

Chris Brown has, shall we say, a “history.” He should definitely stop posting inflammatory videos on Instagram and starting looking for a miracle lawyer. Of course, seeking legal representation is always the first step for any criminal case. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of cases involving violent crimes. Whether you’re the victim of an assault or wrongfully accused, the most efficient route towards a successful resolution starts with hiring a lawyer you can trust. Call today, or go online to set up your free initial consultation, and meet with a skilled lawyer who’s reading and waiting to guide you toward the justice you deserve.

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