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Casey Anthony & Criminal Law


Criminal Law Not Guilty resized 600Not Guilty was the Right Decision.  The legal standard in a criminal trial is proof beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty.  This is just shy of absolute certainty, but much higher than “she is probably” guilty.  This legal standard prevents innocent persons from being imprisoned for crimes that they did not commit.  The jury heard all of the evidence; none of us heard all of the evidence.  The jury did not hear the media sensationalism and the almost constant editorializations of the media; they were sequestered.  And, as Juror #3 stated, the jury did not find her innocent of the charges, they simply did not hear enough evidence to find her guilty!

Sentencing:  The Longest Sentence Possible

No criminal lawyer was surprised at the sentence handed down by the presiding judge.  This long, laborous trial did not end well for the state; the judge heard and saw all of the grotesque evidence presented at trial.    He did all that he could do under the law to punish her and make the public feel better (and perhaps increase his chances for re-election); he gave her the maximum; 4-one year sentences ran consecutively, or one after the other.  This was harsh, but given she has been in jail almost 3 years, she will be released next Wednesday; the sentence is almost “time served.”  He was clearly angry at the defendant, and he was the only one who could punish Casey Anthony for being a bad person.

Does the Verdict make you Angry?

Most people are angry at the verdict.  Casey Anthony was not a likeable defendant; almost no one can believe her actions while her daughter was “missing.”  The main point is not to be upset with the jury system; it worked.  If you want to be angry at someone, I suggest the following:

  • Orange County Prosecutors–for “over charging” and “under delivering”
  • The Judge–for allowing this case to go on for so long without sufficient evidence
  • Casey Anthony–for being a terrible mother and for all her misdeeds surrounding the death of her daughter

Although you may be mad as hell at the jury verdict, take a deep breath, relax, and be thankful that the jury system actually worked in this case.  The defendant was not convicted because she was a despicable person, she was found not guilty because the state failed to put on sufficient evidence to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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