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Entertainment Law: The Copyright War has Begun!

Music Logo resized 600December 31, 2011 is the deadline for songwriters and performers to exercise their right to take back their copyright.  Previous changes in Federal Copyright Law set this deadline to retain their copyrights.  The change set a thirty-five year limit on copyright protection for music ownership.

The battle lines have been drawn between the record labels and the artists, songwriters and publishers of the music; battle lines that have become the “industry standard.”  The fight is, you guessed it, over money!  Record labels typically are assigned the copyright and divide the profits with the artists; this change in the law allows the artist to get the copyright back and get all of the profit instead of a percentage of the profit.  Record companies, in all likelihood, will not sit by idely while the artists are seeking return of their copyrights; there is too much money at stake for top performing songs.

If you are an artist or songwriter, please contact us immediately to file the Notice of Termination before December 31, 2011 to protect your rights.

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