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David Bowie Passes Away After Losing Battle With Cancer

david-bowie-deathAcross the world, and certainly all over the internet, people are mourning the death of monumental pop star David Bowie. To his loved ones, his passing seems to have come as no surprise — Bowie had apparently been fighting cancer for awhile, quietly. But to the rest of the world, especially all those fans listening to the brand new album Bowie debuted just two days earlier, his death has largely been considered “surprising.”

“Blackstar” Album: Bowie’s Farewell Gift

It’s almost like David Bowie was planning on dying. Okay sure, he was 69 and that’s pretty old, and sure, he was locked in a battle with cancer, but what about Blackstar? The potential tour? David Bowie conspiracy theorists are probably trying to extract some sort of subliminal message from his final album. And we should wish them luck. Oh look, here’s some of that right here.

None of that really matters though. It’s great that David Bowie managed to gift the world with one last piece of music before he died, but what’s important is that he’s memorialized properly. The man was a genius of creation, and let’s not even get into how saying he “changed the world” would be a gross understatement.

What a guy.

And what a career! Bowie’s been relevant for as long as he’s been around — not just in the music industry, but also in film, fashion, and pop culture in general. Everyone knows at least one David Bowie song. Someday, hopefully everybody will have also experienced his groundbreaking performance in the cinema treasure that is Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Bowie’s interpretation of Jareth the goblin king was… simply masterful.

David Bowie Estate: Music + Business

One question that those who knew Bowie well are probably asking is, “what’s going to happen to all his stuff?” Because, holy shit, let’s not forget what comes with superstardom: barrels and barrels of money.

David Bowie’s net worth is somewhere in the range of $230 million.

That’s a heck of an ordeal for whoever’s been named executor of his estate. Interested parties likely include, but are not limited to, Bowie’s two kids Duncan Bowie and Alexandria Zahra, as well as their mothers, ex-wife Angie Barnett and widow Iman Zahra.

His riches don’t just come from record sales, although those certainly account for a lot, maybe most, of it. But we have to remember (or learn) that Bowie wasn’t just a musical genius — he was also a savvy businessman. He started, his own internet service provider, in the 90’s. Which is way ahead of the game. He also created a radio station… and a bank. Yes, “Bowie Bonds” has earned the rock legend some serious coin indeed.

Here’s another thing to think about, though: royalties. Not only does David Bowie have money trickling in from his vast discography that’s accumulated over the course of his career, but he also has a record that’s just two days old: Blackstar. Who’s going to rake in all the dosh THAT brings in?

Riches, Royalties, and Probate Law

And divorce law. Bowie has an ex-wife, remember? If he’s still paying alimony to Angie, then she’s sure to cash in on the golden goose that is his death. Ex-spouses can collect royalties for any copyrighted material produced during a marriage because it’s considered a part of the marital estate, so there’s some of that money still rolling in for Angie to allocate. Plus stuff left to her in his will, if anything.

As for the dosh coming in from Blackstar… That’s something that’ll probably go to his kids and current wife. Which means they’ll have to divvy up the royalties.

In David Bowie’s case, it’s honestly doubtful that doing so will be difficult. At least in theory. The guy was a business professional, so let’s assume that his will includes all the necessary stipulations for passing down his copyrights and royalties. Because it’s as simple as that, really — after the owner of a copyright dies, he or she may pass that on to whoever they want. All they have to do is clearly name the recipients in a will. The only way things would get complicated in this case is if some of the people included in Bowie’s will try to skew his final wishes in their own favor. Which, sadly, happens a lot in these types of situations.

Royalties are still passed on even if a last will and testament doesn’t state who is to receive them. If there are no provisions for inheritance of copyright and royalties, then that property falls under the category of “shit the residuary beneficiary gets.” In other words, the person who gets all the shit that wasn’t explicitly allocated to another person.

Probate Is… Well, It’s Confusing.

That’s just plain and simple truth. The American justice system is many things, and one of those is “egregiously convoluted.” If laws were easy to follow, then nobody would need lawyers to help us follow them.

But laws are certainly not easy to follow. Self-representation or disregard for the legal process is a straightforward path to an unhappy resolution, which is why it’s crucial for anybody dealing with something as high-stakes and complex as probate to seek the help of an experienced probate attorney.

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