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Holly Bobo Case Dropped from Lack of Evidence

Holly bobo_ criminal caseNew arguments in the Holly Bobo murder case could possibly lead to the case being dropped entirely, as the defense attorneys are claiming that there’s a lack of evidence in even proving that the dead body belongs to Holly Bobo.

The report came at the start of the new year, and the criminal defense attorneys for Zach Adams and Jason Autry are saying that they’ve been waiting long enough for the dental records and forensic analysis of the dead body that law enforcement claims to be Bobo’s.  They say they’re becoming suspicious as to why the details of the examination haven’t been released yet.

The silence, they claim, is “stonewalling,” and that the state should be sanctioned to pay the defense team’s fees for forcing them to even file and argue the motion.

The two defendants have been in jail since spring of last year, with Adams being detained since March and Autry since April. At a court hearing on December 17, Decatur County Circuit Judge Creed McGinley declared that prosecutors had yet to provide any key evidence for their side of the case, and ordered the state to provide such findings before December 24.

McGinley has stated that he has been patient, as well, because of the election of a new district attorney general, but time is running out, and he won’t stand for any more delays.

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