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Elon Musk & Talulah Rileys’ Divorce Marathon: One More Time!

Elon Musk and wife Talulah Riley pass a sign for "Paul's Divorce Barn"It’s divorce deja vu for billionaire Elon Musk and actress wife Talulah Riley. The couple has had their “on and off” moments in the past, so the question of whether this is the Real Deal is fairly reasonable.

They just can’t seem to make up their minds! Four years ago, the couple got divorced for the first time, only to get remarried and, apparently, get divorced again this year. Celebrities, ‘mirite?

The Ballad of Musk and Riley

He’s the founder of Paypal and SpaceX, she’s the actress from Inception and Pride & Prejudice. And for reasons us outsiders are (appropriately) ignorant of, these two found each other and fell deeply in love. Or, at least, in love enough to get married.

Their story begins in 2010, the year Talulah Riley married Elon Musk for the first time. Who knows whether they thought the arrangement through. On one hand, they’re famous people, who are notorious for flippant marriages. On the other, one would think that one of the most powerful minds of the 21st century and his romantic partner would look at important stuff from every possible angle. Whatever their incentives for marriage were, these fell through pretty quickly — divorce numero uno took place just two years later in January of 2012.

During this process, Musk expressed his sentiments in a tweet directed toward Riley:

“It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day.”

Evidently, Elon Musk quickly decided that the person Talulah Riley should be making happy in the future was none other than Elon Musk. They called off the divorce and tried again a year later. Wedding II happened in July of 2013.

About a year and a half went by. Then, on New Year’s Eve in 2014, Musk decided that “giving marriage another shot” wasn’t working out. He filed for divorce again…

… aaand withdrew it seven months later. Surprise! He wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

This brings us to the present: after two years of not giving up, Musk is amicably entering the divorce process once more. Riley filed the paperwork in Los Angeles on Monday. Turns out, they spent the last six months of their second marriage living apart.

So… For Real This Time?

Who knows! I don’t! And if history is any indication, neither does Elon Musk or Talulah Riley. Will they chicken out again? Maybe! Why do they keep doing this to each other? Because why not! Marriage is basically dating these days, after all.

On the bright side, it seems as though they’re still being grown-ups about this. One would think that their living separately for six months translates to their not being so fond of each other — but according to them, that’s not true. Both have made it clear that, in spite of whatever problems they’re having, they intend to remain friends.

If you ask me, I’d say that means the likelihood of Elon Musk and Talulah Riley staying divorced forever is 50/50. Staying friends? Right. It’s not that people can’t get divorced and stay friends, it’s just that doing so is allegedly very, very difficult. But! They’ve already done it once. They have the practice. All we can do is wait and see what they’ve learned about matrimony — if anything.

Amicable = Uncontested

You’ve probably heard of the two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. Elon Musk and Talulah Riley’s divorce(s) qualify as the latter, because that’s what amicable means. Uncontested.

In an uncontested divorce, spouses aren’t out to screw each other over. If one of them is mad at the other, he or she isn’t letting that emotion get the better of them. Affairs are settled via amicable negotiation instead of tense litigation. One might say that, in an uncontested divorce, neither party has forgotten the fact that they once cared for each other, and therefore are willing to seek a resolution of mutual interest.

Contested divorces are battles. Sometimes a battle is necessary — for example, one spouse might be trying to win more of the martial estate than they deserve, or has such negative feelings toward the other spouse that his or her primary mission is to make sure the soon-to-be ex suffers as much as possible.

Indeed, even for spouses who are more than willing to separate through an uncontested divorce, it’s often the case that they have to go through litigation just so that the other, angrier spouses don’t screw them over. What follows is usually long, stressful, emotional exhausting, and expensive. Unless there are good reasons for divorce litigation, it’s almost always better to opt for an uncontested separation. Amicable negotiations work out better for both sides, help ensure a positive relationship post-divorce, and saves both spouses a LOT of time and money.

Divorce: Don’t Do It Alone

Another thing to remember is that, whether uncontested or contested, all divorces are best sought with the help of skilled legal representation. Going to court without a lawyer is like going to the desert without sunscreen — it might not turn out too bad, but it’s very much not worth the risk.

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of divorce cases. Whether you and your spouse are willing to negotiate amicable or not willing to negotiate at all, we know the most efficient methods of pursuing a satisfactory resolution.

The sooner you seek representation, the better your chances of a smooth process, so don’t wait! Call today, or go online to set up your free initial consultation, and meet with a seasoned attorney who’s ready and waiting to get you on track toward the justice you deserve.

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