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Man Calls Lawyer “God,” Throws Daughter Off Bridge

Criminal Law NashvilleJohn Jonchuck, age 25, is in custody after having what officials believe was a psychotic episode, exhibiting strange behavior, and then throwing his 5-year-old daughter to her death from the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

12 hours before the alleged homicide, authorities had been called to check up on Jonchuck after his attorney called 911 reporting that he had been acting “strange.”  When they had met to discuss the child custody arrangements, Genevieve Torres, Jonchuck’s attorney, claims that Jonchuck called her “God” and had asked her to translate the Bible in Swedish. When she asked if he wanted her to file paperwork in his custody case, she claims his response was, “It’s not going to matter anymore.”

When police interviewed him, however, Jonchuck appeared to be ok, saying that he didn’t want to hurt himself or his daughter, and that he had “new clarity” in life.

Later that night, however, Jonchuck blazed past an officer, driving around 100 MPH.  The officer turned on his lights and followed.  According to officials, when Jonchuck stopped on the approach span to the bridge, the he started toward the officer, who pulled his weapon. Then, Jonchuck grabbed his daughter from the back seat, held her face to his chest as he carried her to the railing, and threw her from the bridge.

Phoebe, the daughter, was found dead a mile from the bridge two hours later.

Authorities don’t yet know if she was even alive when thrown, although the officer on the scene reports that he thought he heard the girl scream when thrown.

Jonchuck is currently being held without bail.

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