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Griffin Divorce Conflict Continues as Prenuptial Agreement is Unveiled

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As billionaires Ken and Anne Griffin continue their heated divorce battle, Mr. Griffin brought interesting information light as he revealed the details of the prenuptial agreement the two had signed back in 2003.

The documents reveal that Ms. Griffin has already been receiving millions of dollars, and that she was financially secure and independent for life from the moment they were married.

In detail, the prenuptial agreement ensured that Ms. Griffin would receive $1 million in cash each year during their marriage.  She also received joint ownership of their Chicago penthouse, valued at $11 million, which was designated as the family home.

Additionally, the prenuptial agreement entitled Ms. Griffin to receive $22.5 million in the case of a divorce.  Mr. Griffin’s filed documents claim that he paid her $20 million in advance back in December 2005, and then an additional $5 million later to handle the remainder.

The arrangements ensured by the prenuptial agreement have already left Ms. Griffin with nearly $40 million.  Griffin’s documents claim that she never challenged the validity of the agreement, but openly confirmed it when accepting the payments.

Ms. Griffin’s side of the case, however, still argue that she was forced into signing the prenuptial agreement, that Mr. Griffin conspired with his psychologist to pressure her into signing it.  She also argues that the amount would be too small, that she would only be left with maybe 1% of Mr. Griffin’s net worth of $5.5 billion.

Yet Mr. Griffin’s side of the case claim that she negotiated the arrangements of the agreement with three different law firms, which made changes to it on her behalf, before agreeing to the terms.

With divorce being such a tricky issue, especially in heated cases like the Griffin’s, you’re going to need an experienced attorney from the start.  Hopefully, the matter will proceed quickly and smoothly.  However, this often isn’t the case, and when things go sour, you’re going to need a professional by your side.

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