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James Caan Files for Divorce Yet Again

Best Legal Divorce Consultation in Nashville TNIn another edition of what has become a slew of divorces, James Caan  has filed for divorce from his wife Linda Caan for the third time.

After having tried unsuccessfully to divorce Linda in 2005 and 2009, James has filed yet again in Los Angeles.  The two have been married since October 1995 and have two children together: James, age 19, and Jacob, age 16.  In the filing, James has asked for joint custody for the younger son, Jacob.

James had been married three times before Linda.  He was married to Dee Jay Mattis for six years, Sheila Marie Ryan for one year, and Ingrid Hajek for five years.

After what had been his longest run  yet, it looks like James is finally finished with Linda.

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