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Former Stanford Swimmer Accused of Raping Unconscious Woman on College Campus

Criminal Lawyers in Nashville_Sexual AssaultFormer Stanford student Brock Allen Turner, age 19, is facing multiple felony charges after being accused of raping a woman whom he found laying unconscious on campus grounds.

In the early morning hours of January 18, two men riding bicycles spotted Turner on top of the unconscious woman.  When Turner tried to run, they tackled him and held him while a third person called the police.

Turner was arrested, then released after posting a $150,000 bail.  He has voluntarily withdrawn from Stanford, but is now no longer allowed to enroll for classes there, and he has also been barred from setting foot on the college’s campus.

Turner faces multiple felony charges, including rape on an unconscious woman, rape of an intoxicated woman, as well as two counts of sexual assault with a foreign object.  He is set to appear in court on February 2.

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