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Kim Kardashian’s strange week ends with an armed robbery

kim kardashian cries over a bunch of expensive jewelryKim Kardashian has had a strange week in Paris. On Wednesday, some kind of famous prankster tried to literally kiss her butt. She can thank her bodyguard for his quick intervention. No butts were kissed that day. Flash-forward to the following Monday (today), and we arrive at strange event no. 2: a bunch of burglars broke into Kim’s hotel room and put a gun to her head while they burgled all her expensive stuff. Indeed, her week has been strange, and arguably not very good.

How it went down:

All Kim wanted to do was have a good time with her family (sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, as well as mother Kris Jenner) at the Paris Fashion Week. A fancy private mansion was her hotel during her stay.

On Monday morning, five armed robbers entered the fancy mansion and demanded that the concierge unlock the door to Kim Kardashian’s hotel room. Their demands were quite successful, on account of the guns they were pointing around. Also the handcuffs they used.

After rendering the concierge helpless, two of the five men made their way into Kim’s hotel room. Based on reports, it seems like she was alone at the time. Her children, thankfully, were not traveling with her. The burglars held a gun to her head and escorted her to the bathroom, where she waited as her valuables were plundered.

Those burglars are probably more than satisfied with their haul. Kim Kardashian unsurprisingly has a lot of high-dollar jewelry. And when I say expensive, I mean millions of dollars worth — for example, her $4.5 million ring and an even pricier jewelry box, the content of which amounted to roughly $6.7 million. Her two phones were, of course, also stolen.

It was a terribly expensive night. However, that is about all it was. Kim can, at least, be satisfied with the fact that she herself didn’t have her brains blown out by the gun pointed at her head. A few hours later, she managed to cop a plane back the the United States, where she probably reunited with husband Kanye West (who ran off the stage mid-song at his concert, declaring a family emergency).

Aggravated Robbery (not in Paris)

Aside from breaking and entering, the burglars who stole Kim’s fancy jewelry are also very much guilty of aggravated robbery — that is, robbery punctuated with the use or display of a deadly weapon.

Who knows how aggravated robberies are qualified and punished in Paris. In the state of Tennessee, this crime is a Class B felony, which means somewhere between eight to thirty years behind bars and up to $25,000 in fines. Of course, the stolen property’s value is also taken into consideration, which means that Tennessee courts could likely distribute even harsher penalties to Kardashian’s robbers if they’d robbed her in Tennessee (and if they got caught, which they still haven’t).

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