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Louisiana Trooper Shot by Motorist with Shotgun

louisiana-trooper-shootingOn Sunday, a Louisiana state trooper was sent to the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the head by a shotgun wielding motorist. Kevin Daigle, the suspect, had reportedly driven his truck into a ditch and was stuck sideways. When the trooper, Steven Vincent, arrived on the scene and attempted to intervene, Daigle exited his truck with a sawed-off shotgun and proceeded to fire at the trooper. Unfortunately, Steven Vincent passed away shortly after.

How It Happened:

Police video footage caught the crime on camera – Vincent was blasted backwards as he was clipped in his head by about 3 buckshot pellets. Obviously incapable of contacting help at this point, Vincent was rescued by citizens who showed up soon after the shots were fired.

One motorist even skidded to a U-turn stop, ran from his car, and with the help of some other drivers, managed to pry the weapon from Daigle’s hands. Together the good samaritans wrestled him to the ground and restrained him with the downed trooper’s handcuffs. When he was safely subdued, the motorist who wrestled the shotgun away from Daigle, Robert LeDoux, immediately contacted the police using the officer’s radio. If you’re wondering what a citizen’s arrest looks like (and I always have) – this is it.

Thankfully, none of the drivers who apprehended Daigle were injured.

Who Is Kevin Daigle?

Kevin Daigle is a 54 year old who is apparently responsible for “numerous DWI’s,” according to Col. Mike Edmonson. He also is looking at charges for various other crimes that cannot be publicly discussed, since convictions are not yet certain. But he’s certainly looking at facing the court for the first-degree murder of a state trooper.

But that’s not all – on Monday afternoon following the incident, Daigle’s roommate was found dead in the home they shared after he didn’t show up to work. There were signs of a struggle, and although the name of the roommate has yet to be released, you better believe the Daigle is suspect number one in this additional murder case.

First-Degree Murder in Tennessee

Like all states, Tennessee considers first-degree murder to be the most severe type of homicide. Daigle certainly would be facing the same charges in Tennessee – after all, the video says it all. There can be no question about intention when the suspect is captured in the act on video AND seen/restrained by witnesses with the shotgun he used to commit the crime.

Tennessee also maintains that murder is “first-degree” if it was performed in order to prevent lawful arrest. It would be pretty hard to argue that killing an officer with a shotgun doesn’t meet that qualification.

The one thing that’s yet uncertain is whether or not Daigle will be facing similar charges for the murder of his roommate. The information simply hasn’t been released yet. But, as anyone reading this article is probably thinking, things are looking pretty suspicious.

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