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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Stevie J Indicted for Owing Over $1 Million in Child Support

2014 BET Hip Hop Awards presented by SpriteTV star Stevie J has recently been indicted for owing a whopping $1,107,412 in back child support to his ex-wife, Carol Antoinette Bennett.

The producer-turned-reality star has neglected to pay child support for over 13 years now, and Carol is tired of paying for everything for the kids herself.  The oldest child is now 16, and the younger child is 14.  Carol emphasized that the it’s time to start planning college for the girls, and their financial stability is a dire concern.

To the naysayers who claim that she’s simply hunting him down to cash in on his recent successes, Carol responded by saying that Stevie has missed over 168 court-ordered child support payments, yet has been able to live luxuriously and spend frivolous amounts of money on other women.  The least he could do is pay for his own children.

Stevie’s hearing will have to wait until February, however, as he is currently going through a 30-day rehab for repeatedly violating probation by testing positive for marijuana and cocaine.

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