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Drew Rosenhaus Files for Divorce After Major Fight

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh SteelersOne of the sporting world’s most powerful agents, Drew Rosenhaus, is filing for divorce from his wife, real estate agent Lisa Thomson, only a few days after cops were called to their house to break up a domestic dispute.

Rosenhaus, who was named one of the world’s most powerful sporting agents by Forbes, filed papers in Miami to end the 13-month marriage.

The filing came just a few days after a major fight between Drew and Lisa, leading to Lisa calling the cops to break up the argument.  In her call, she had said that Drew and his brother, John, were verbally abusing her, and she was worried because there was a gun in the house.  She was clear that the gun was never used as a threatening device, but that she had called the police as a preventative measure.

During the fight, however, Drew allegedly handed Lisa some trash bags, telling her to pack her things and leave.  Now, the divorce papers that he filed are claiming that he deserves full ownership of the house.  The filings also state that they had a prenup already arranged and that the judge should honor it, but never stated the details.

The argument between the unhappy couple seems to have been fueled by pictures of Lisa partying in a bikini with playboy Dan Bilzerian.

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