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Ohio Restaurant Attacked by Machete-Wielding Man

machete-attack-columbus-restaurantOn Thursday evening, diners at the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, Ohio had their meals interrupted by what is currently being referred to as a “random machete attack.”

Although several injuries have been reported, there has thankfully been no word of fatalities — with the exception of the attacker. After fleeing the scene, he was pursued by police officers, who resorted to lethal force when the attacker would not stand down.

The Power Of Citizenship

From what we know now, it seems as though the attack wasn’t premeditated. The assailant reportedly left the restaurant that evening after speaking with an employee. At this point, he was unarmed.

About thirty minutes later, he returned, armed with a machete. He immediately started attacking the two customers sitting closest to the entrance. When other people in the restaurant noticed what was happening, many intervened. The man fled after he was outmatched by people throwing chairs and trying to physical overpower him.

Police officers might not have been able to track the guy down if not for the help of quick-thinking witnesses. Not only were customers and employees at the Nazareth Restaurant able to swiftly provide detailed descriptions of the assailant and his vehicle, some of them even managed to capture video footage revealing part of his license plate.

How Things Turned Out

Well, as previously mentioned, the only death that has been reported at this point is that of the attacker himself. When the police caught up to him, he emerged from his car with a machete in one hand and a knife in the other. Officers tried to convince him to stand down, but he would not. Their next move was the stun gun, which was also ineffective. When the man lunged at the officers themselves, they were forced in the end to use their guns.

As for the victims, only four were injured. One was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but received medical attention and has since stabilized. The other three were stable from the get-go. One guy apparently just drove himself to the hospital.

What’s The Legal Situation?

Situations like this are complicated — and by “situations like this,” I mean assaults in which the attacker dies. A dead person can’t pay fines or go to prison. And what about the medical expenses and potential trauma that the victims have to deal with?

Thankfully, there is a nice answer to these very reasonable concerns. Most states have adopted victim compensation funds, which guarantee appropriate compensation for injuries resulting from violent crimes. Tennessee’s version of this program is known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.

The purpose of this fund, and others like it, is to ensure financial assistance is granted for victims regardless of whether the offender is able to pay damages. In some cases, such as the machete incident, this might be because the liable party died. However, those circumstances aren’t required for victims to file claims for compensation from these programs. All that’s needed is evidence of the liable party’s neglect or inability to pay appropriate damages.

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

Injuries are expensive. It’s not possible to fully prepare for them — accidents are, after all, accidental. Things can be particularly complicated when injuries occur at the fault of another person. Victims often struggle with the aftermath, since there’s no obvious way to strike a balance between treatment, recovery, and litigation while simultaneously dealing with the pre-existing obligations of day-to-day life.

That’s why legal representation is so important for personal injury cases. There are simply too many important considerations for one person to handle alone without risking unintended consequences. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of cases related to personal injury. Regardless of your circumstances, we know the most efficient means of reaching the most satisfactory resolution.

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