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Making a Will Needs to be a Top Priority

MAKING A WILL IN NASHVILLEMaking plans for your eventual death is never a fun topic, but you’d be surprised at how many people put off writing a will simply because they either don’t want to worry about it at the moment, or they don’t think they need one yet.  The problem with this, though, is that accidents happen, and when tragedy strikes, you need to be prepared.

Dying without a will means that your entire estate is left for the state to decide who gets what.  That means any of your personal wishes or the direct needs of your heirs don’t matter in the allocation of your property—it’s left entirely up to the state.

Creating a will isn’t something only the elderly need to have planned, either, because there’s a lot more at risk than simply your property. If you have young children, and something should happen to you and your spouse, you have no choice in who will be their guardian.  Once again, the state has the entire say on who will take care of your children after you pass.

If you have not yet taken the time to create a will, you should definitely make it a top priority.  You can always update your will as time goes on, which is a smart idea in itself.  Although it’s possible to create a will on your own, it would be smartest to hire an estate planning attorney to have on hand to ensure everything is handled correctly, especially if you have a large estate.

An estate planning attorney is a legal professional who knows all there is to know about creating a will to protect your estate, and will have the knowledge of trusts, pour-over wills, and any other complicated matter of estate planning that can save your estate from being lost to gift and estate taxes.  Call us to speak with one of our attorneys, we will start you off on the right path to protecting your estate from any unforeseen tragedies that may occur.

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