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Murder-For-Hire Charges Dropped Against AC/DC Drummer, Threatening to Kill Still Kept

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New Zealand authorities recently made a stark change of accusations against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd recently, downgrading their case from murder for hire to threatening to kill.  The murder for hire charges, they claim, did not have enough evidence to properly proceed.

The story comes from recent reports of Phil Rudd being arrested by New Zealand police under charges of hiring a hit man to carry out two killings, which could carry a maximum sentence of 10 years.  However, as prosecutor attorneys took over on the case, they quickly dropped the charges, in short time finding that they did not have the evidence to support the charges against Rudd.

Charges of threatening to kill, however, remain leveled against Rudd, carrying a possible maximum sentence of seven years in prison, as well as an additional charge of possessing methamphetamine and marijuana.

The names of the two men Rudd had threatened to kill have not been released.

Rudd’s criminal defense attorney, Paul Mabey, is claiming that the charges for attempting to procure a murder are heinous, and have caused “unnecessary and extremely damaging publicity” for the drummer.  As for the other charges, Mabey said Rudd would simply defend against them.

Rudd was released on bond and is expected to reappear in court later in November to determine the outcome of the separate charges.

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