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Halle Berry Child Support Battle Wages On

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The heated battle over a hefty $16,000 per month child support payment wages on between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey.  This time, Aubrey has filed documents to counter Berry.

In his recently filed documents, Aubrey talks of the fight he had with Berry’s husband, Olivier Martinez, on Thanksgiving Day of 2012.  Martinez, claims Aubrey, jumped him and injured his face enough that he was unable to get work for the next six months.  Since that time, Aubrey claims, he has only been able to land 3 jobs.

However, according to TMZ, pictures of Aubrey from merely six weeks later were showing little to no signs of injury.

Berry continues her accusations of Aubrey being a “deadbeat,” living off of her income while lazily avoiding finding work.  In her own documents filed in the case, her child support attorney, Steve Kolodny, claims that Aubrey lives off the child support, using it for his own needs rather than finding a job.

According to Kolodny, Aubrey uses nearly $750 a month for “Fitness” expenses, as well as about $1,000 for clothes alone.  Berry, according to the documents, is tired of paying for Aubrey’s vanity.  The two share an evenly split custody, and Berry feels that Aubrey can stand to get a job during the times she has their daughter.

If you feel that your current child support arrangements are unfair, you don’t have to sit back and silently endure it.  Our child support attorneys are here to fight for your case and demand that you are either given the fair amount of support you deserve, or that you aren’t forced to pay too much. Take action and stand up to the court, we’ll be there by your side.

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