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Online Divorce: Step 2

Step 2:  Complete Divorce Questionnaire

Complete the Divorce Questionnaire. (Click Here For Divorce Questionnaire). This process may take you a little while to complete.  The Questionnaire is a PDF document where you can type in the information on the form and click submit to transmit the filled document to us.  You MUST fill in all pertinent information; the information in this form is used to prepare the Complaint for Divorce and the Marital Dissolution Agreement.  If you own Real Estate or have minor children, this information will be used to prepare Quit Claim Deeds and a Permanent Parenting Plan.  Failure to completely fill in all pertinent information may result in additional fees.

After you have completed the Divorce Questionnaire and clicked the SUBMIT button on the PDF form, proceed to pay online for the Online Uncontested Divorce.

Online Divorce Payment

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