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Phil Collins Reconciles With Ex-Wife After $47 Million Divorce

phil-collins-divorce-reconciliationPhil Collins And Orianne Cevey Are Back Together, 8 Years Later

Apparently, the demographic of humans that keeps up with Phil Collin’s love life was shocked to discovered that the musician is back together with his third ex-wife, and has been for quite some time. Sneaky, sneaky Phil!

In an interview this week, Collins admitted that he’s reconciled with Orianne Cevey. She’s the Swiss gal whose divorce with Phil Collins wound up costing the guy about $47 million. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that fans are describing the news with that ole’ phrase “against all odds.”

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun . . .

Or rather, secrets aren’t fun if they get found out. Secrets can be pretty fun if they stay secret — at least, that’s how Phil Collins seems to feel. He’s managed to keep mum on his reconciliation for a reported “while.” Here’s what he actually said:

“Im actually back with my third wife — I haven’t really talked about it. We’ve been together for a while, and nobody’s noticed.”

There’s kind of a “fooled ya!” vibe in that statement, which is both funny and understandable considering how hard it must be for superstars to keep any secrets. And this one’s not a skeleton-in-the-closet secrete either, so that’s a nice touch.

In spite of all that money Collins lost by divorcing Cevey (or perhaps because of it), it makes sense that he’d feel inclined to make up. The couple was married for seven years — a substantial amount of time in the world of celebrity marriages — and have two children together. So even though Phil found himself on the crappy side of Britain’s highest-asset celebrity divorce EVER (ca. 2008), it’s good that he hasn’t let that bad memory stop him from trying to get his family back together.

Divorce Reconciliation: Prevent Potential Regret

Here’s the thing: regardless of how good it hopefully is for Phil Collins to have realized he still wants to be with Cevey, there’s one thing we can safely say: it’d be a lot nicer if that whole $47 million thing hadn’t gone down. If they’d tried to reconcile from the get go, that’d have saved the guy a lot of time, probably sanity, and definitely, definitely a lot of money.

The takeaway here? Don’t be Phil Collins! If you loved someone enough to get married in the first place, that means there’s a chance that love’s still there. Divorce, when considered, should be approached very carefully so that situations like Phil Collins’s are avoided.

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