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Former Broncos Running Back Indicted For Drug Trafficking

derek-loville-drug-ringWhile the current roster for the Denver Broncos is celebrating their success in making it to the Super Bowl, one alumni is probably finding it hard to get too terribly “pumped up.”

I’m talking ’bout Mr. Derek Loville, the 47-year-old ex-running back who saw two previous Super Bowl victories in the 90’s. See, he’s in the headlines too — but not for football-related accomplishments. Well. I guess you could argue that trafficking narcotics for a particularly brutal drug ring is an “accomplishment,” but only in a “successfully executed chain of crimes” kind of way.

ODOG Enterprise: Gambling, Laundering, And Drugs For The Whole Family!

Or whoever! Yes, the organization known as ODOG Enterprises has been crumbling after devastating federal investigations. Hear that? “Organization.” So Loville isn’t the only guy who got busted… 21 of his friends are going down with him.

ODOG Enterprise offered primo services that consumers just can’t seem to find in legally operated stores. Drugs, sports gambling, money laundering — they do it all! ODOG was founded by Owen Hanson, a football-playing entrepreneur with an apparent disgust for legally acquired finances. Probably too slow for a fast ball-throwin’ dude like O-Dog (Hanson’s nickname). Wait a minute… is ODOG Enterprises named after it’s… nah, couldn’t be.

Anyways, O-Dog’s been caught for awhile, which means he’s probably been a big fat help to the feds as they worked to bust the rest of the drug ring. They’re still looking for one more dud, Kenny Hilinski, who’s dodging the feds somewhere in Peru.

Here’s Where Stuff Gets Real:

Remember earlier when I mentioned that ODOG Enterprise was particularly brutal?

Enter “Robin Hood 702.” That’s the code name for a guy who worked for ODOG Enterprise and got appropriately freaked out when stuff started getting too real. O-Dog wanted Robin Hood 702 to launder $20 million and, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen.

If there’s one thing O-Dog wanted associates to know about him, it was that nobody fails him. He’s got a Darth Vader complex or something. When Robin Hood 702 failed O-Dog for the last time, he and his family got a DVD in the mail. Their hopes of a spontaneous movie night were crushed when it turned out to be a video of O-Dog’s goons cutting off peoples’ heads with a chainsaw and butcher knife.

“A family member opened the DVD thinking it was a video of her sister’s newborn baby. Then she watched it and freaked out. She had nightmares for years.”


The straw broke Robin Hood 702’s back when O-Dog followed up the DVD release with a photoshoot of himself desecrating Robin Hood 702’s parents’ graves with a shovel and blood-colored paint. That’s when he decided it was time to help the feds shut ODOG Enterprise down.

Drug Trafficking: Illegal. Surprise!

Yes! Super duper illegal! And so is money laundering, sports gambling, and CUTTING OFF PEOPLES’ HEADS. This is the kind of biz that Loville was involved in. So it’s good he’s going to pay some semblance of the price.

Let’s just focus on the drug trafficking because that is a felony offense all by itself. With drug offenses, determination of whether an offender faces a misdemeanor or a felony largely depends on the scale of the operation. Quantities, length of activity, that sort of thing. And oh man, based on what we know now about ODOG Enterprise, we can safely assume the quantities were large and the length of activity was… lengthy.

If these kinds of charges were filed in Tennessee, you better believe Loville would be looking at some hefty, hefty felony charges. Same goes for pretty much everywhere in America. He, and all those others facing similar charges, are going to need some wizardly legal representation if they want even a tiny shot at a not-totally-horrible future — even if that’s what they deserve.

But sometimes those charged with drug offenses aren’t guilty. When that happens, wizardly lawyers are completely necessary. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of criminal cases involving drug offenses. The sooner you start working on your case, the better your chances, so don’t wait! Call today or go online for your free initial consultation and meet with a skilled lawyer who’s ready and waiting to guide you toward the justice you deserve.

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