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PlayStation Account Helps Police Officers Arrest Murderer

Hubert WingateA Pennsylvania man’s affinity for online gaming has led to the arrest of his killer, authorities claim, after the man was reported missing by his family.


On October 25 of last year, the family of Andre Gray, age 34, reported that he was missing, and that his apartment had been ransacked.  There were bloodstains in the apartment, and his dog and vehicle had also been reported as missing.


Later that same day, the vehicle was found burning, and the dog had been stabbed to death.  Additionally, however, Gray’s PlayStation, which had been reported as being stolen, had also shown up online as someone logged on to it.


Authorities traced the log-in attempt to the house of Hubert Wingate’s mother.  Wingate, age 30, had been staying with his mother.


Wingate admitted to being with Gray a few days before he had gone missing, but denied seeing him afterward.  He did admit, however, to using Gray’s stolen PlayStation.


Later, detectives had found witnesses claimed that Wingate admitted to killing someone in the area, and then assisting him in disposing of the body in the Ohio River.  They also admitted to stabbing the dog.


Gray’s body was found in the Ohio River in West Virginia.


Wingate was initially arrested in February for an outstanding warrant connected to an assault charge in Colorado.  He has since been charged with crimes including homicide, abuse of a corpse, cruelty to animals, and theft of the PlayStation and other items.  No motive for the crime has been given.


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