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Aaron Hernandez Sentenced to Life in Prison


Fall River Superior CourtFormer New England Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole after being found guilty of first-degree murder.


Hernandez, age 25, was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, age 27, on June 17, 2013 in an abandoned industrial yard in North Attleborough, MA.  Lloyd had been taken to the yard in the middle of the night and was shot six times.


The prosecution presented a hefty amount of evidence showing that Hernandez had been with Lloyd when he was shot, including security video footage, witness testimony, and cell phone tracking.


Hernandez’s defense attorneys claimed that he didn’t kill Lloyd, but had merely been present while two other men killed him.  They argued that Hernandez was only a 23-year-old young man, and didn’t know what to do in the situation.


The prosecutors, however, argued that Lloyd knew too much about two possible murders linked to Hernandez, where he had possibly killed two men outside of a bar in a drive-by shooting.  The judge, however, said that there wasn’t any evidence for that argument, and that they should leave it out when making their case to the jury.


In addition to the first-degree murder charge, Hernandez was also found guilty of charges related to firearms and ammunition.  He has yet to stand trial for the accused murders of the men outside the bar.  The other two men with him at the time of Lloyd’s death, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, will stand trial at a later date.


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