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Tyga Fights for Full Custody

Tyga-net-worthIn a case with some of the most fabulous names I’ve ever seen, hip-hop artist, Tyga, is gearing up to face off in court against Blac Chyna over who gets custody rights of their child, King Cairo.

The main source of contention comes from Blac Chyna, who doesn’t approve of Tyga’s parenting skills.  According to sources near to Chyna, she’s already found a big-name divorce lawyer, and she’s looking to file for primary physical custody.

On the surface, she doesn’t want 2-year-old King Cairo to be forced to jump back-and-forth between homes after he starts preschool.  Additionally, though, Chyna does not approve of Tyga’s life choices at all.

Tyga, age 25, is dating the comparatively-boringly-named Kylie Jenner, age 17, and Blac Chyna does not approve.  She believes Tyga’s choice to date a minor shows horrible judgement on his part, and that would translate to bad parenting skills.

According to sources, Chyna is willing to give Tyga weekend visitation, but nothing more.  She also wants Tyga to provide her with child support in order to cover living essentials and to help King Cairo with schooling.

If you are about to head to court over child custody arrangements, be sure to find a skilled attorney first.  A child custody attorney is a legal professional who is well-versed in the proceedings of child custody law, and they would have the best knowledge to help you gain custody of your child.

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