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Rupert Murdoch – Jerry Hall Marriage Begs Questions Of Prenup

rupert-murdoch-jerry-hall-marriageBillionaire Octogenarian Engaged To Millionaire Quinquagenarian

Remember Jerry Hall? She was the A-list model who lived with and eventually married Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger in a Hindu ceremony in Bali. They had four children together, then split in 1999 when a British court agreed with Mick that their marriage was not legal.
Last week billionaire media magnate Rupert Murdoch, 84, announced his engagement to Hall, 59, a few days after their appearance together at the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Beverly Hills.
Congratulations immediately poured in, as well as a fair amount of criticism and wisecracks in online comment sections. The negative comments were mostly about their age and politics, but some people also wondered Why. Why get married at all? With both people wealthy and child-bearing apparently out of the question, why bother?
The answer of course, is who knows? They have their reasons, so best wishes.
And yet….the announcement itself could be a clue. It appeared not on social media, but on the Births, Marriages and Deaths section of The Times, a Murdoch newspaper in London. A generation ago such announcements were routine formalities, but no longer. Due to cutbacks, most newspapers today have stopped publishing such announcements. Could a traditionalist announcement suggest a traditional marriage to come, borne on impulse and with no prenup?

So… Do They Have A Prenup?

Surely they will make a prenuptual agreement, you might assume. Perhaps they will. Both Hall and Murdoch have substantial assets, so there would be no financial barrier for them to seek good legal counsel to enact a strategy to protect their assets.
Their experiences suggest such caution, in view of their past relationships. Murdoch has been married three times. Hall’s marriage to Jagger wasn’t recognized as legal in England, but it did occur, and was meant to formalize their union.
People are unpredictable, however, and sometimes plunge into relationships without planning ahead. Consider the case of Anna Nicole Smith. In 1994 Smith married billionaire J. Howard Marshall. Smith was 26 and Marshall was 89.
Marshall died a year later and left Smith nothing. Smith sued, but the case was still unsettled when she died in 2007. The litigation continued until 2011, after spawning two Supreme Court cases. Needless to say, there was no prenup.
Celebrity marriages can be seen as exaggerations, with their unusual behaviors and eccentricities. Even so, they involve legal arrangements that apply to everyone, even to non-celebrities. In an age where marriage is evolving, getting legal advice can benefit everyone involved.

Prenuptial First Steps: Hire Nashville Attorneys

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