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Stamos DUI Confirmed: Uncle Jesse, No!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you look.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you look.

The headline from June about John Stamos driving under the influence of drugs was tragically confirmed today when a Los Angeles court officially charged him with a misdemeanor. The decision came yesterday — as of now, Beverly Hills police officials aren’t releasing the name of the drug that impaired Stamos. His arraignment is schedule for Friday, October 15.

What We Know, What We Don’t

Stamos’s people have yet to make a statement in relation to his updated charges. There’s also been no comment from Bob Saget, although one might guess that he’s probably very disappointed. Whether or not Stamos will actually be convicted for his DUI is still up in the air. If he is, he’ll be spending 6 months in a House that’s even Fuller than he’s used to. (Jail — I’m talking about jail.)

When Stamos was originally arrested in June, cops in Beverly Hills had him put in the hospital briefly to prevent harm resulting from a potential medical disorder. Examination of his condition inspired heavy suspicions that he was under the influence of some kind of drug.

Of course this would happen now, when Stamos is signed on to be a part of the Netflix reboot of Full House! Of course something had to surface to interfere with the return of Uncle Jesse! And also his other show on Fox… Grandpa? Or something?

So, there’s a strong possibility that Stamos’s involvement in the new Full House will be limited. Fans of the classic series are advised to cry gently, and pray that the Los Angeles legal system will “have mercy.”

Tennessee DUI Law

Stamos wouldn’t be any better off in Tennessee. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is taken seriously no matter what state you live in, and no place is really more lenient than another. The minimum blood alcohol content (BAC) qualifying drivers as intoxicated is pretty much standard at 0.08%, assuming the driver is 21 or older. Aside from breathalyzer tests, which can only detect alcohol, police officers in the state of Tennessee also require potentially intoxicated drivers to perform field sobriety examinations. Occasionally, blood tests are issued.

The consequences of a DUI charge in Tennessee depend on whether or not there are previous offenses on your record. This doesn’t mean that first time offenders aren’t punished very severely. It just means that DUI consequences start off harsh and only get harsher. Penalties include heavy fines, license suspension, incarceration, and an ugly blotch on your criminal record.

When asked to submit to a chemical sobriety test, be careful — many people maintain the belief that such orders can be legally refused and this is NOT the case. Tennessee DUI legislation includes implied consent laws, which means drivers waive their rights to refuse sobriety tests when they get behind the wheel. Neglect to follow orders here could result in increased penalties.

Hire Nashville DUI Lawyers

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