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Tampa Football Star Charged with Domestic Assault

warren-sappNational Football League Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp’s legal problems continue as he pleaded guilty to domestic violence in connection to an attack on his girlfriend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sapp, 42, assaulted Chalyce Moore, his girlfriend of five years, by grabbing her arm, biting her finger, throwing her to floor and stomping on her head. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman will have to pay $2,895 in fines, go through six months of domestic violence counseling and complete 48 hours of community service, in addition to being required to stay trouble-free for a minimum of six months and have no contact with Moore. In February, Sapp was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Glendale, Arizona the day after the Super Bowl.

A Sad Sapp

The incident occurred at the M Resort back in April. According to the Las Vegas police report, it all started when Sapp threw a margarita at Moore in their cabana by the pool. After Moore walked to the resort lobby, surveillance cameras caught Sapp pulling on Moore’s arm knocking her off her feet. It did not end there as on their way back to Moore’s home, Sapp bit her middle finger making it bleed and swell. When the couple arrived at Moore’s home, Sapp, who was 300-pounds in his playing days, threw her on the ground and stomped on her head. Originally, three charges were brought up against Sapp, but he struck a plea deal in which prosecutors agreed to drop two charges for a guilty plea.

Domestic Violence in Tennessee

If this incident occurred in Tennessee, the results would have been similar. In Tennessee, the penalties for domestic assault and normal assault are the same. Sapp would have received a Class A misdemeanor, which entails up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a maximum fine of up to $2,500. Had Sapp not reached a plea deal with the prosecutors to drop the other two charges, he would probably be serving jail time.

Hire Nashville Domestic Violence Attorneys

Assault is an extremely serious offense, and it is important to hire the proper attorney to represent you instantly after your arrest. Hiring the wrong attorney could lead to an excess of fines and possible jail time for you. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys seek to make this unpleasant process less daunting for you. Call our office or Request a Free Initial Consultation online today to schedule a meeting with one of our excellent attorneys.

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