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E-cigarette Explodes, $2 Million Awarded to Californian

exploding-ecigA two-year product liability lawsuit involving a ruthless e-cigarette came to its conclusion in California Wednesday. The court ruled in favor of Jennifer Ries, who was pretty seriously injured when her electronic cigarette detonated while she was using it. The award amounts to nearly $2 million — and although that may sound like a crazy number, it’s not as unwarranted as you might think.

Smoking Really IS Dangerous

The incident occurred in spring of 2013, when Ries was headed to the airport. She tried to charge her e-cigarette and was surprised to find that, instead of working, the device exploded and showered molten metal all over her. Which seems like it’s not really supposed to happen.

It wasn’t just an “ouchie,” unless that’s the word you use to describe second-degree burns. Ries sustained lifelong scarring from the exploding e-cig. The marks left by those burns on her hands, thighs, and derriere aren’t going to fade away, despite her husband’s attempt to quench the flaming e-cig with an iced coffee — her dress had already caught on fire.

The e-cigarette company responsible for the malfunctioning device is VapCigs. Their attorneys declined to make statements about anything immediately following the results of the trial.

Product Liability in Tennessee

If the exploding e-cig had ignited in Tennessee, it’s likely that the lawsuit would have had similar results. Product liability is taken very seriously across the board, and if there’s enough evidence of a malfunction, then company’s are certainly responsible for paying damages for any injuries incurred by consumers as the result of using a product correctly.

The goal of a product liability lawsuit is to provide evidence that clearly displays an “unreasonable danger” which accommodates use of a product. In this case, Ries tried to charge her e-cig and was seriously injured by no fault of her own. It’s a classic example of a defective product lawsuit, and the consequences for VapCigs are not surprising in the least.

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