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When Billionaires Divorce: Hedge Fund Managers Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin Split

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After an 11-year marriage, hedge fund billionaires Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin will soon be heading to divorce court according to the New York Times, as Mr. Griffin recently filed for divorce in Illinois.

According to Ms. Dias Griffin’s attorney, the move was completely unexpected, stating that Mr. Griffin filed for divorce with no notice to either his wife or her attorney, and that he filed at a moment when he knew she would be on vacation with their children and unable to respond.
The two are both managers of multibillion-dollar hedge funds, active philanthropists, and highly-regarded art collectors.

The ownership structure of Citadel, Mr. Griffin’s $20 billion dollar investment firm, will most likely remain unaffected by the divorce, as Ms. Dias Griffin is neither an owner nor an investor in the firm’s funds.

According to the divorce petition, the two had signed a prenuptial agreement which will govern the splitting of their assets. Mr. Griffin will retain the art and the real estate, while Ms. Dias Griffin will be entitled to cash in alimony.

The two had been having talks during past months, trying to resolve marital disputes privately, but the recent filing has the Chicago news media buzzing. Unless either party requests mediation or that the file be sealed, divorces play out publicly in Illinois courts.

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