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Sterling Probate Case Comes to an End: Shelly Sterling Wins

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The strange, drawn-out probate case determining who has the authority to sell the Los Angeles Clippers has finally come to an end: the probate court judge has sided with Shelly Sterling.

The trial stems from a deal that was proposed back in May by Shelly Sterling to sell the Clippers for $2 million to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s former Chief Executive.

The deal had to be put on hold, however, while a judge had to decide if Donald Sterling, the Clippers’ current owner, could be removed from the trust.  The attorneys representing Shelly claimed that Donald needed to be removed from the trust after two doctors found him to be mentally incapacitated.

Donald’s attorney, however, maintained that he was always in good health, and that the whole matter was “an invidious scheme to strip Donald Sterling of his ownership of the Clippers.”

The anger, however, is a one-sided emotion, as everyone else seems to be in favor of the ruling.

Richard Parsons, the interim Clippers chief executive, earlier argued that the franchise would have entered a “death spiral” if Donald Sterling had maintained ownership.

Even the NBA was vocal in their positive opinion of the ruling, stating that they were pleased with the court’s decision and that they look forward to Shelly’s transaction with Ballmer.

Even if Donald decides to immediately file an appeal, Shelly would still be able to make the final transaction with Ballmer, as Judge Levanas has used a California statute providing sweeping powers to a probate judge to allow a trustee to proceed as if there weren’t a pending appeal.

From the looks of it, the Clippers will have a new owner within the next month or two.
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