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Witnesses Confess to Lying About ‘92 East Nashville Murder Case

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In 1994, Cyrus Wilson was put behind bars for murdering a man.  The two men who claimed to be eyewitnesses, however, have now come forward, saying they lied about the case because of pressure from the police.

Wilson, who was only 19 at the time, was convicted of shooting Christopher Luckett in the face with a shotgun in 1992.  The case mostly relied on the testimony of juvenile eyewitnesses, who claim to have seen Wilson with the shotgun and that he had killed Luckett for stealing his car.

Over 20 years later, Wilson, now 39, still holds to his plea for innocence, but has yet been unsuccessful in his attempts to gain freedom.

However, recent events could possibly free Wilson from the chains of a crime that he may never have committed.

New testimony from two witnesses raises doubts over the legitimacy of Wilson’s conviction.  Rodriguez Lee and Rashime Williams, both of whom were juveniles at the time of Wilson’s conviction, have both come forward saying that they lied about their testimonies.  Both state that they lied when speaking to the court all those years ago, but they did it to protect themselves for fear of becoming the target of the police.

In addition to the new confessions about the lying witnesses, Patrick McNally, Wilson’s defense attorney, displayed even more questionable proof concerning the case.

A note in the prosecutors file declares that the witnesses were “juveniles who have already lied repeatedly,” but was never turned over to defense attorneys.  Additionally, the shotgun that police say Wilson used to murder Luckett didn’t match the shells that were found at the murder scene.

There is no word yet if this is enough to finally free Wilson from a crime that it is highly likely he never committed, but his attorney will work nonstop to ensure Wilson’s freedom.

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