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Top 5 Tips to Make Joint Custody Work for You

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Child custody can be a touchy issue, but it’s possible to make it work. Here are the top 5 tips to making the joint custody work as seamlessly as possible.

1. Keep a Balanced Arrangement
Make a calendar tracking both parent’s schedules, as well as the child’s schedule, and then create a balanced custody plan based on what works best for everyone and stick to it. A set schedule will prevent a lot of frustration between the parents, as well as provide a sense of stability for the child.

2. Communicate
Regular communication with your ex-spouse is extremely important for joint custody to work. Luckily, there are many ways to keep in touch, making it so you don’t have to rely on the short moments when delivering the child to discuss plans. Emails, text messages, video chats, anything can work, but just be sure to keep each other informed. As soon as communication breaks down, problems will most surely arise.

3. Keep it to Yourself
This tip comes right after communication because, when having discussions with your ex-spouse, disagreements could very likely arise. The key is to not drag the child into the arguments, which will only make them feel like they are the cause of all the anger. Also, do not spout angry rants about your ex when you have custody of your child. Badmouthing your ex creates a toxic environment for your child. You may be angry with your ex, but your child still loves them as a parent.

4. Be Flexible
When disagreements arise, remember: it’s not about you, it’s about the good of your child. In order to make joint custody work, you’ll need to be flexible in your plans. Something may come up, maybe a father-son concert, or a mother-daughter outing at a festival, and the schedule may be thrown off a little bit. It’s your job as a parent to not overreact to sudden changes, but to be ready to do a little give-and-take.

5. Put Your Child’s Needs First
Above all, as I’ve already said, custody is about the well-being of your child. Unless the marital problems were dangerous to your or your child’s health, they should never come into play in the custody. Your child’s life is important, and their activity schedule should come first. Avoid disrupting their scheduled routine as much as possible.

If you have just been through a divorce and feel that your custody arrangements need some tweaking, call us today to speak with a child custody attorney. Our attorneys are experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in custody law, and they will ensure that your child’s living situation is built on a healthy foundation. Call us today and see how our attorneys can best assist you.

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