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Kelly Rutherford Loses Six-Year Child Custody Battle

Kelly Rutherford_After six years of court filings and legal battling, actress Kelly Rutherford of the TV show Gossip Girl has been denied having her children returned to her in the US from living with their father in France.


From the initial ruling, a California judge had sent Rutherford’s children, 8 year-old Hermes and 5 year-old Helena, to France to live with their father, Daniel Giersch. The two were supposed to have joint shared custody of the two children, but the long distance made the custody transfer difficult.  Additionally, Giersch is not allowed to enter the US, making the entire situation much more difficult.


Giersch was supposed to be filing for a new Visa in order to be able to reenter the US, but hasn’t taken any action toward it and isn’t under any legal requirements to do so.


Rutherford had started the long custody battle in order to bring her children back to the US, and had even filed for bankruptcy in 2013 because of it, but she still ended up losing the case.  Not being able to be her children’s mother, she says, is tearing her apart.


If you feel that your current child-custody arrangement is unfair, you may be able to take it to court and have it changed.  As a parent, you have the right to help raise your children, and an unfair child custody ruling shouldn’t bar you from your natural right.


Don’t simply put up with the injustice, fight back.  Our child custody attorneys are legal experts who specialize in family law, and they are ready and willing to fight for you and your case.


Don’t wait another day, call us now and reclaim your right to raise your children.

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