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Home » Divorce » Anne Dias Griffin Takes Ken to Court Over Child Support

Anne Dias Griffin Takes Ken to Court Over Child Support

2009 Whitney Museum Gala - Arrivals And Cocktail PartyThe billionaire divorce between Anne Dias and Ken Griffin is still churning up heated arguments over half a year later as Anne has filed further documents, asking the court to set an immediate hearing on child support.

The hearing, according to the filing, asks that the court make a firm decision on temporary child support, as well as require Ken to even pay child support.

In the latest filing, Anne accused Ken of trying to bully her into legal submission, and that he is five months late in producing his financial disclosure statement, which would help the court decide on a ruling for child support.

The filing also touches on the issue of the prenuptial agreement, which Anne has claimed she was coerced into signing.  The filing states that, because Ken is asking for the court to validate the prenuptial agreement, it means he acknowledges that the court should validate the legal provisions regarding their home.

Anne is asking monthly child support, wishing for billionaire Ken to cover the children’s expenses, the household’s fixed overhead expenses, as well as staff expenditures, such as childcare and security.

If you are unhappy with your current child support situation, or if recent life events could cause your child support to change, your best next step would be to consult with an experienced child support attorney.  A child support attorney is a legal professional who can navigate the vaguest of legal loopholes to ensure that you are given the best child support ruling possible.

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