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Are Mothers More Likely to Gain Primary Physical Custody of the Child in a Custody Case?

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Although mothers were generally given primary custody of children in the past, modern custody cases don’t view the adage of “mothers are the primary caregivers” as a legal rule.  Instead, courts view custody cases as an opportunity to grant what will be in the children’s best interests.

A court’s first tendency is to adhere to the wishes of the parents.  If the parents agree on a custody plan, which commonly places the mother as the primary physical custodian while giving the father reasonable visitation hours, then the court will concede to their decision.  In this case, the court would only intervene if the plan was clearly unsafe for the child.

However, if you are a father who wishes to have primary physical custody of your child, you do not have to agree to this plan simply out of fear that you will lose the court case.  If you and the mother both have full-time jobs and your kids have after-school care, then you will both be seen as equals in the eyes of the court.

Child custody courts primarily look for what will be best for the children, and if you wish to raise your kids as a responsible parent, let the court know.  You don’t have to rescind your rights as a parent simply because of gender stereotypes.

If you feel that you will soon find yourself in child custody court, or if you feel like your current custody plan is unfair, don’t give up and accept whatever is dealt to you.  Call us today to speak with our attorneys and see how they will use their legal knowledge to fight for your right to parenthood.

It’s your right to raise your children.  Don’t let the court take that away.

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