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Man Loses Car, Which Doubled as His Home, to Illegal Tow, Seeks Retribution with Federal Lawsuit

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Local Nashvillian Stacey Tuell lost everything when his currently rough situation took another turn for the worse: his car, which doubled as his home, was towed after being legally parked.

A string of unfortunate events, stemming from being laid off from his job as a welder to moving out after his marriage hit a rough patch, led to Tuell living out of his car. After racking up a few misdemeanor charges,  police arrested him for failing to appear in court when they spotted him walking to his car.

Truell asked if he would need a friend to pick up his car, but authorities said no, he was legally parked and it wouldn’t be an issue.

His car, however, was towed two hours later.

Truell called William Hunt, a retired attorney who now volunteers his time by representing homeless men and women, and Hunt immediately called the city attorney to dispute the legality of the tow.  After bringing the case to traffic court, the judge ordered that Truell’s car be released immediately.

The order, however, came too late, as Truell’s car had been disassembled for scrap.  All of Truell’s valued belongings, including his wedding band, watch, clothes, and pictures of loved ones, were gone, and nobody could say where.

Now Hunt is taking Truell’s case to federal court against the police and the towing service.  The federal lawsuit claims that Truell was a victim of unreasonable search and seizure without due process and probable cause, and that he deserves to be given justice for the violation of his constitutional rights.

Don’t let the law stomp all over you, either.  When your rights have been violated, you deserve justice.  Our attorneys are experienced professionals who will represent your case with aggressive expertise. Your constitutional rights are yours to enjoy, and if they are taken away from you, our attorneys will fight to see that you are compensated for what was taken.

Don’t sit idly by while the courts have their way with you.  Fight back today.

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