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Attorney Rob Turner Explains “Same-Sex Marriage & Divorce” on FOX

Rob Turner interview on Same-Sex Divorce-WZTV 17

Rob Turner on WZTVJust a few hours after the landmark U. S. Supreme Court decision striking down state constitutional marriage bans for same-sex couples legalizing same-sex marriages nationwide, Nashville attorney Rob Turner of Turner Law Offices, P.C. was quick to help his clients experience total marriage equality by filing the first same-sex divorce in Montgomery County, Tennessee.  Same-sex couples were previously required to obtain residence in a state that recognized same-sex marriage to obtain a divorce.  No longer necessary under current law, same-sex couples can get divorced in Tennessee divorce courts.

Excerpts from FOX interview on Tennessee Same Sex Divorce

A couple filed the first same-sex divorce in Tennessee last Friday. Several others are now following. Before the Supreme Court’s decision, same-sex couples had to travel to states that recognized their marriage to get a divorce, making it a long process. . . Attorney, Rob Turner’s client filed for divorce on Friday in Montgomery county. The two women married last year in Indiana and have one child . Turner says, “There’s an equal an amount of people that are rejoicing that there is same-sex divorce. They’re saying thank goodness because now I don’t have to stay in this marriage that I have been trying to get out of for years.” Turner Law Offices, P.C. is representing four more same-sex divorce cases. In this time of change, the firm changed its divorce forms. Instead of “husband and wife”, they now say plaintiff and defendant.  . . Turner says now they share the same benefits as their heterosexual marriages like immigration, social security and adoption. Turner says,” It should have happened a long time ago anyway. There’s no gay marriage anymore: it’s just marriage. There’s no gay divorce anymore: it’s just divorce. “Read More at:

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