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Kanye Pleasures Kanye to Image of Kanye, Gets Caught by Kim?

The keys aren't here, Kim.

The keys aren’t here, Kim.

The latest internet rumor – or dare I say news – is of Kanye, who has allegedly alienated himself from his wife by masturbating… To a picture of himself. Yes, this week there have been multiple reports of this hilarious situation, none of which seem to be confirmed. They probably aren’t real. But, if dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend? Maybe Kanye feels the same way about dating himself.

According to the tale, Kim Kardashian was leaving the couple’s home when she realized that she forgot her keys. So she goes back in the house. Upon entering the bedroom she shares with the celebrity rapper, she saw it: her husband, Kanye West, pounding off to a photo of Kanye West. The best part? When she allegedly ran out of the house in tears after catching him, there was no hesitation on Kanye’s behalf: “finish the job,” he seems to have said to himself. And so the self-love continued.

Oh, Internet. Are You True?

As of now, there’s no telling whether this story actually happened, or is just a fat lie that everyone probably wishes was true. Weirdly enough, it IS mildly believable. Kanye really gets a kick out of Kanye – always has. But there have been no official statements made by the rapper or his wife. The reports about this potentially make-believe situation claim that this was the last straw for Kim, and now it’s time for divorce. We’ll see. Oh we’ll see.

A reasonable question to ask here might be, “Isn’t this illegal?” And the answer, most likely, is no. The internet is full of parody pieces and satires. If you’ve read a lot of online news, you’ve probably familiar with the big names in this field – The Onion is a classic example. But everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Even Wikipedia is skeptically considered as a resource. The main difference between these sites, including stories like Kanye Masturbates His Way Into Divorce, is the lack of actual malice. It’s not defamation or libel if it’s parody, and it’s parody if a reasonably minded reader can catch words like “allegedly” or detect a sense of “irreverence.” Kanye really is ridiculously into himself. People do masturbate when their wives are out of the house. Divorce happens to celebrities all the time. And, most importantly, it’s very, very funny.

Defamation Law In Tennessee

Tennessee, just like other states, has legislation that protects against real defamation and libel. A slander worthy of these kinds of lawsuits typically isn’t a light-hearted kind of topic (like this Kanye report). For courts to take it seriously, it has to inspire public hatred or ridicule. People aren’t going to start hating Kanye for masturbating to himself if they believe it actually happened. Well, probably. But if they do, THEN you could consider whether the brains behind the fib are guilty of defaming Yeezus. If the rap-god was to file a case and he did it in Tennessee, he’d have six months from the publication of the story to do so.

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our skilled attorneys have years of experience working with cases involving defamation and libel legislation. If you believe that you are the victim of such an attack, then you should press charges! You can be compensated for the slander, and our attorneys are ready and willing to help you make this happen. Call today or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation, and get on track towards a satisfactory resolution.

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