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Sherri Shepherd’s Child Support: The Ole’ Baby Con?

Sherri Shepherd describes her ex-husband's plot for child support, perhaps assisted by a con-ghost.

Sherri Shepherd describes her ex-husband’s plot for child support, perhaps assisted by a con-ghost.

Sherri Shepherd, once host of popular daytime show The View, now finds herself saddled with a gigantic $4K per month in child support. The long-debated legal battle between herself and her now ex-husband, Lamar Sally, has finally ended in Lamar’s favor (and to be fair, he IS the one taking care of the kid). Shepherd still, however, has the opportunity to contest the payment amounts in the future. The question of whether she can feasibly win, or if it would even be worth it to try, is a probably one that only her lawyer can confidently answer.

Reports throughout the divorce captured Shepherd’s general argument against Sally, which was something like “he fooled me into creating this baby so that he could one day get this outrageous amount of child support from me.” Although most of us can safely say that we don’t know the couple well enough to judge if she’s being honest about Sally’s having gone for the long con, it does seem like this may be a bit of a long shot.

Present Circumstance: Very Weird

So what exactly happened? First of all, despite her apparent desire to have no connection to the child, Shepherd has been documented as the legal mother. Lamar Sally is doing the parenting for the nine-month-old baby. The child was conceived through a surrogate mother, and there are still several frozen Shepherd embryos in the baby freezer. She wants them destroyed. Because he wants to, perhaps, make more children with them.


Yes. He’s heavily considering bringing another kid into the already depressing situation. And you’re right – it sounds like it could be a joke. And maybe it is. Who really knows what will happen next in this case anyways? A lot of it depends on whether Shepherd will continue fighting back with  “tricked into baby” claims, or if she will bite the bullet and just pay for what is, again, her child.

Child Support In Tennessee

Considering how much money Sherri Shepherd makes, it’s possible that the case could have gone down very similarly in Tennessee. If there are children, especially infant children, involved in a divorce, the resolution is always geared toward the best interest of that child. It’s all about the kids – for sure. So, her financial capacity coupled with the fact that she’s “disavowed” this child who yet legally belongs to her makes it pretty likely that Tennessee courts would have order some pretty heft child support payments, had they been the courts doing the ordering.

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