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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Decide To Stay Married

bennifer-divorce-reconcilationBennifer shocked fans back in June when they announced their imminent divorce from a decade-long marriage. The Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner combo has consistently held a popular position among celerity couples, and their years of staying together have a lot to do with that — how often do we see celebrities splitting up marriages after only a couple of years, or even months?

But there’s good news! Bennifer is still in the game, and credit for their recent decision to try and make it work goes to their kids.

Ben and Jens’ June Gloom

Why were they planning on splitting up in the first place? The grounds for divorce were low-key at best, and the amicable manner with which they entered proceedings certainly helped to cover up whatever problems they’ve apparently been having.

All we knew was that the Bennifer relationship was under a lot of stress due to Affleck’s recent triumphs on the silver screen. Prior to his involvement in blockbuster hits like Gone Girl and the upcoming Batman v. Superman flick, Garner apparently gave him leave to “do it all” while she looked after their kids off-screen.

But was Ben’s busy schedule the sole contributor to their unhappiness in marriage? Or was there stuff that we weren’t hearing about; stuff they didn’t want the public to know?

The Ole’ Sexy Nanny Problem?

Although no facts were ever officially confirmed, rumors were circulating that Bennifer’s split was the result of Affleck’s adulterous relationship with the couple’s nanny.

Now when have we heard THAT one before? Oh wait, it was earlier this month. With Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Damn those sexy nannies!

Still, there’s no word on whether those rumors actually had foundation in fact. The only reasonable fuel thrown on that fire was a photo showing Affleck and the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, outside his rental house with a bottle of champagne. Furthermore, Affleck’s spokesperson immediately dismissed the gossip as “full of lies.”

Without more information, it’s probably a good idea to assume that the sexy-nanny-adultery-divorce formula doesn’t apply to the Bennifer situation. And even if the rumors happened to be true, we can applaud the couple for giving their marriage another shot, in spite of possible mistakes.

Looking Toward A Happy Future… For The Whole Family

As I mentioned before, we can thank Bennifer’s kids for keeping the couple together for at least the time being. For the sake of Violet, Sam, and Seraphina, Bennifer has decided that “it’s unnecessary for them to enter what could potentially be a messy and lengthy divorce battle.”

And indeed: those celebrity assets they’ve doubtlessly stacked up between one another would be a bitch to divide fairly.

Yes, the family is even projected to have a happy holiday all in the same house. How refreshing to have at least ONE example of good parenting among the marriages that Americans look up to! Things are certainly looking up, and recent photos of Garner hanging out with Affleck’s mom make their future that much more optimistic.

How Did They Fight Divorce?

One might wonder what efforts Ben and Jen made to lead them to their apparent reconciliation. The fact is, this news is a testament to the fact that uncontested divorces are ALWAYS preferable to those which are contested. An amicable approach to divorce trumps litigation because it’s much less expensive, maintains a good relationship between parents, and opens the door for possible fence-mending.

It’s likely that Bennifer has spent a lot of time in mediation over the past few months, as that’s a secure method of hashing out issues without risking emotional outbursts or manipulation by one spouse or the other.

And here’s the good news: Bennifer doesn’t have to be a rare case! Any couple looking at divorce has the option of working things out. These celebrities set a good example for how divorce should be approached: amicably.

Another thing we mustn’t forget is that Bennifer is sure to have excellent legal guidance on both sides. Because without the help of a seasoned lawyer, divorce is almost guaranteed to turn nasty.

Finding Nashville Divorce Attorneys

Are celebrities at an advantage when it comes to divorce and other legal circumstances, since they have so much money to throw around? Of course. But never forget that an expensive lawyer isn’t necessarily top-tier, and that there are countless excellent firms that offer needful services at reasonable rates.

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of circumstances related to divorce and marital reconciliation. Whether you’re set on litigation, pondering whether divorce is right for you, or just seeking guidance amid the swamp of convoluted divorce legislation, we can provide the most efficient routes toward satisfactory results.

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