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Category Archives: Uncontested DIvorce

“Key and Peele” Star Keegan-Michael Key Files For Divorce

If you’ve turned on Comedy Central even once over the past few years, odds are that you’ve seen at least a commercial for “Key and Peele.” One of Comedy Central’s most popular sketch comedies ever, the show’s name is a mashup of its two stars: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. For most of 2015, these two lovable […]

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Decide To Stay Married

Bennifer shocked fans back in June when they announced their imminent divorce from a decade-long marriage. The Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner combo has consistently held a popular position among celerity couples, and their years of staying together have a lot to do with that — how often do we see celebrities splitting up marriages after only a […]

Gwen Stefani’s Husband Cheats with Nanny, Now He’s Facing Divorce

The August split between pop star Gwen Stefani and her rocker ex-husband Gavin Rossdale is certainly no secret — summer news is old news. But it’s always interesting to check in on celebrities as they resume their single lifestyles. Why did Gavin and Gwen get divorced in the first place? Turns out it was a […]

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Michelle Branch has Filed for Divorce

After living in separation from her husband for over a year, Michelle Branch has finally decided to make the split official and has filed for divorce from her husband, Teddy Landau. After being married for nearly 11 years, Branch is bringing an end to the holy matrimony due to nothing more than irreconcilable differences. The […]